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Aunty is so HoT - A story about fucking Aunty.

Hi, I am Nikhil ,20 year old and handsome guy from kolkata. I’m going to tell a story of my first encounter with my aunty when I was in class two. First of all I would like to convey my warm wishes to the creators of this wonderful site. I am regular reader of ISS. Her name is Ramla (name changed) age of 32 having two kids, husband is working in GULF. She has good assets and white in color. After death of my grand pa she and my grandma is there. My final exams got over. So decided to stay there for a company till her hubby coming from gulf. I was very much happy because I can see my dream girl every time.

Next day morning I’m ready to go and reached there early, she happily welcomes me and give coffee and chats for some time. Within few days we become so close and I’m very urge to get her laid. I made so many plans but I don’t have the courage to tell her about my intention. The only relaxation is masturbating by fascinating her damn figure. Usually she wears nigh ties so I can see her boobs when she cleans the rooms every day. I can’t control myself when she comes near me, always stare at her boobs and butts without knowing her.

One day her father came and the kids went with him. At night I slept in the bedroom and maami(I usually call her maami) and grandma slept in the hall. It was an old house so rain drops comes through the roof; I can’t sleep so put the light on, seeing light in my room she came and asked the reason I told my situation. Then she suggested to sleep in the hall, I followed her seeing the butts dancing in nighty. We both lay in the mat because the bed is occupied by grandma. I can’t sleep in her presence and become so hot, ‘’this is the chance….. This is the chance…… don’t miss it…… do it… take her to heaven’’, my mind says in passion.

I hold some courage and placed my hand on her waist and rest for some time, slowly moves to her boob and squeezed one of her melon. My hand is shivered like anything. She is not responding. I suck her boobs vigorously. I can’t wait no more, my mind is not in my control. My heart whispered to feel the bare body of my maami. I covered both of us with blanket. I hold her tightly, pressed the ass gently. I kissed her on cheeks and slowly moved to the neck. Then I moved to her deep cleavage. Suddenly she got shivered and arched her body. She opened her eyes. I acted like sleeping. Then she went to toilet and came after 5 mins.

After 10mins I decided to unzip her nighty. I slowly unzipped her nighty and take her mounds in my mouth.huh…what a feeling…due to my lack of experience she woke up she didn’t tell anything. I caught by her. So I thought to use the chance. I gently squeezed her boobs and kissed in between the bounds. She closed her eyes with pleasure. She is breathing heavily. I kissed her lips, and we fight each other with our tongues and slowly moved down kissed her neck and earlobe. This made her horny, within no time removed her nighty kissed her deep cleavage and licked it with her bra on.

I threw her bra and sucked her hard nipples kissed all over her body and gently bite her nipples. She left a soft moan ummhhhh…aaahh…I then gently squeezed her boobs moved down there i can feel her silky navel, put my finger in it then she slightly moaned with pleasure, I licked her navel and dig my head into it at last my hands found her sweet pussy, I threw away her inner wear and i smelled there .That aroused me the fragrance suck it hard and put my tongue inside she can’t control herself moaned aaaaahooooh….

I bite her Kanth gently and she arched her body while licking her sweet pussy my hands were busy in squeezing her melons it’s her turn gives me a good blow job and drank all my milk. Again I kissed her lips and come wide her legs apart and push my 7 inch dick to her glory hole it goes and hit her inner walls. She hold me tightly and moaned aaaaah…….I licked her earlobe and continue pumping for 15 mins and ejaculate in her pussy and relaxed for some time. We enjoy that night with two fucking section…..and slept in her arms. She woke up in the early morning and prepared the breakfast.

I woke up at 8’o clock and go to kitchen but we can’t look up our face because of shyness. After that I took bath and had my breakfast. I was getting hot and eager to see my uncle’s sexy goddess’s naked body because yesterday there was no light. Then we close all the doors and send grandma to relative’s house, I jumped on to her body and remove the nighty, she doesn’t wear anything inside her nighty. I asked her why u didn’t wear anything she replied with a naughty smile ‘’ I know that, now onwards u will not allow me to wear all these things, after all I like nudity in front of you’’.

I can’t control myself by seeing her naked body I kissed every part of her body and neatly shaved her pussy and armpits. Now she looks gorgeous and I fucked that 36-32-34 honey in the whole day. She like the way I suck her pussy (later she told me). We enjoyed a day before her hubby reached there, I was very gloomy that day, she understand the reason and comes to me and planted a kiss on my lips and said don’t worry I love you very much and I’m always yours, take everything when u want.

I got happy and a sudden erection in my pant, kissed all over her face and bit her rose lips and explore her mouth and lick her tongue she moaned with pleasure we continue it for a long time. And I squeezed her boobs and ass. she loose the control herself so she laid down and drag my head to her juicy melons I madly suck and squeeze those melons and bit the dark hard nipples she moaned with pain ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhh sssssss. Now her boobs red in color by my play and she enjoyed it very much.

Again I kissed her rosy lips and came to her navel and kissed and scroll my hand there she got mad and spread her milky thighs and show her wet pussy, first I put my finger in it and separate her pussy lips slowly I kissed her inner thighs and enter into her wet spot suck her pussy lips and insert my tongue in and play some time, she is moaned with pleasure and says something and I can’t get it because I’m concentrated in her honey spot. Within few mins she cum a lot and I drank all.

She took my dick in her mouth, done a good blow job and I cum in her deep throat. I continue kissing while she plays with my dick and erect for the play. Then I placed my hard cock into her pussy and slowly push it continue jerking and increased my speed, she moaned like ohhhhhh . She caught me tightly with her hand and cum again…… I send my man hood deep inside her pussy and touched her G spot and cum inside her. After my uncle’s arrival and my departure to Coimbatore for graduation we don’t get a nice chance, now I’m very hungry for a wet spot. Ladies, women, Aunties want help please mail me at nikhilesh,modak@gmail.com.
Full Satisfaction assured.

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